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Cart and My Account Buttons shift when logged in as a client button header login

Posted by current on 18 March 2014 - 21:20

Hi I am running osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.3.4 and when I log in as a client to purchase the buttons for the "cart, checkout, my account" shift down moving over other text. The fourth button "Log Off" is added to the already 3 buttons before I was logged in. I am using a different layout from themeroller, however when I go back to the original Redmond layout the same thing happens.

Why does the location of the buttons shift when I am logged in as a client and where is this controlled?

Any help is very much welcome. Thanks.

Resolved, I have changed the logo last week and I increased the size. When I reduced the size to under 500px the issue was resolved.

changed status to: Won't Fix