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who is online indefined variable

Posted by Gergely on 22 January 2013 - 18:39

Notice: Undefined variable: info in /admin/whos_online.php on line 56

well, the original page never works. There are buggy. Need rewrite. Under construction.

On click of the customers the shopping cart contents displayed is inaccurate

I mean when there are multiple customers logged in... i go to admin panel----> Tools ----> Who's Online....
and click on particular customer link.... his shopping cart displayed on right side is incorrect.... I mean, shopping cart contents of next client is displayed... then if i click on next customer.... shopping cart of subsequent customer is displayed... and henceforth....

Any way to fix this...?

Or please tell where could be the issue.... I'm trying to fix this from past 3 days...

Thanks & Regards