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All product data was reset ti blanks when I AFKed in the editor and had to log back in

Posted by SuperHebbe on 23 December 2012 - 22:38


Well, as the title say, I was in the product editor to change some text there. And when I pressed the save button, the session had timed out and requested me to relog.
After I relogged I was redirected back to the product edit page, but all fields was blanked out.
I checked the shop, and the product no longer exists.
I started to fill in the fields again, and to my surprise it updated the right product ID, so I was very happy that it did that instead of navigating away from the editor. :)

Just a heads up when you are editing products. Be sure that you havn't timed out before you press save.

Edit: Seems like I can't edit my ti word in the title. should be to :P