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profile->my content issue

Posted by altoid on 10 November 2012 - 12:12

noticed that there's a block of time that certain topics aren't showing in my profile->my topics where i made posts/commented, etc. the missing time is from somewhere around weds pm through friday am,

here's one, http://forums.oscomm...20#entry1654557

superfish navigation help

in General Support
Started by maepl, 15 Jun 2011 Last Post by altoid, 08 Nov 2012

showing me as the last poster
but on the right column it shows gshutzy as the last poster
as the last poster

somehow this effects this topic and it doesn't show on "my content" there are a couple more missing from this time frame as well

however a post i made from yesterday is displaying in "my content" correctly

it appears there's a bug in the system when it comes to showing all of "my content". as i understand it, "my content" shows topics wherein i've posted to or responded to. my recent posts are not showing.

looking closer at what's going on, it appears that this is effecting topics that i have participated in after I became a community sponsor. i became a community sponsor on 8 oct.

if i click my profile->content i only see topics where i posted before 8 october. topics posted to after 8 oct are not showing.

could that be the key?

changed status to: Fixed