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catalog/advanced_search_results error in test wrt to dob string

Posted by Juto on 14 September 2012 - 21:34

In the test of a valid dob string at the top of the file current code is:

    (isset($_GET['dfrom']) && (empty($_GET['dfrom']) || ($_GET['dfrom']  == DOB_FORMAT_STRING))) &&
    (isset($_GET['dto']) && (empty($_GET['dto']) || ($_GET['dto']  == DOB_FORMAT_STRING))) &&

I do believe it should test for an invalid dob string like so:

    (isset($_GET['dfrom']) && (empty($_GET['dfrom']) || ($_GET['dfrom'] != DOB_FORMAT_STRING))) &&
    (isset($_GET['dto']) && (empty($_GET['dto']) || ($_GET['dto'] != DOB_FORMAT_STRING))) &&


changed status to: Won't Fix

That part is not actually checking if dfrom/dto is a valid date, but if it is equal to the format of a valid date. This was used in the input field as a placeholder in an older version.

For reference, here is the commit that removed the placeholder: