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Windows XP IE not supported in oscommerce

Posted by Gergely on 20 August 2012 - 09:36

Minimum requirements IE9, but there are some align button text problems too.

The google share dosen't displaying only on version IE9

Well, minimum requirements for Microsoft Windows Vista and XP not supported in oscommerce from v2.3.3.

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Well, maybe you can skip my previous report, but I realy dont understand IE9 compatibility modes.
Updated to IE8 on my XP and it works fine. The previous test version was IE7! It was my mistake.

The google share works and enlarge is good too.

XP is compatible with oscommerce but need to use IE8.

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2.3.3 with out upgrade jquery ok
with jquery upgrade lot of problems in ie9

Can you try upgrading to jQuery UI v1.8.23? Here is the relevant commit on github:


jQuery UI can also be downloaded here:

http://jqueryui.com/download (be sure to select Redmond as the theme)

Google+ requires IE8+ so the Google+ Social Bookmark modules will only work from IE8+.


changed status to: Won't Fix

should have to upgrade jQuery ui 1.8.23. My other jQuery applications need it too. Will be next release Harald?

jQuery UI 1.8.23 is already in github to be released in v2.3.4 :thumbsup:

The button text with ui icons not allign verticaly in IE9.

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