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Thumbails / bcgallery bx gallery, fancybox, image

Posted by Gyakutsuki on 15 August 2012 - 14:56

Hi harald,

it's seems on the latest update 2.3.3 that there is a problem when we create a lot of image for a product. It's concerning the thumbail below the image and it's regrouping in one little image superimposed.


Can you provide a screenshot?

Is it possible to see this online? Can you post a link to the installation so I can see it? Thanks.


impossible on my computer : but you can see here.
I have the same pb on my computer.

The page renders correctly for me on Chrome and Firefox...

I am on linux unbuntu with
chrome =========> not ok
firefox : ok
chromium : ok
konqueror : ok

windows seven
chrome =========> not ok
firefox : ok
ie9 : ok

Mac/Chrome: ok
Mac/Firefox: ok

Win7/IE9: ok
Win7/Chrome: ok


Edited by Harald Ponce de Leon, 15 August 2012 - 19:05.

I think several person must to try and to report if there is a problem or not.

I have the same issue in Chrome. The problem is because the height of the thumbnails is not set.


Chrome 21.0.1180.79 m is OK in XP
Firefox 14.0.1 is OK in XP

changed severity to: 1 - Low
changed status to: In Progress

Could you replace the file with this version and see if it helps:


I test your patch but it doesn't work. I have the same pb.
chrome :
windows 7 : not ok (same thing)
ubuntu : not ok (same thing)

opera (win 7) : ok
firefox (win 7) : ok
ie 9 : ok

with that all is ok

#piGal ul.thumbs li img {
height: 75px !important;
width: 75px;

Sorry, I live in Canada (6h difference)

I try, but it's does'nt work completly

Ubuntu :
Firefox : the thumbail are on the top surimposed in the image (little)
Chrone : i see nothing

Win 7 :
Chrome : nothing
Opera : Ok
Firefox : Ok
EI 9 : Ok

I Can confirm the same issue on latest chrome browser for iPad

Solved installing the latest bxgallery version posted on github by Harald

Hello, on jquery 1.8.1 the problem returns. On 1.8.0 is fine

I've resolved the issue on jquery 1.8.1 where the <li> element was not recognized as first element (not showing the display none property).

Here the fix: https://github.com/a...9e21485979d2dd9

fix doesn't work on windows 7 google chrome 21.0.1180.89

Is not better to change the script for 2.4, it seems does'nt maintain by this creator ?