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Links to products with attributes do not work

Posted by Matjaz on 10 February 2012 - 09:24

When buyer adds product that contains products attributes in his shopping cart, in this case with this particular product, connections with products info page don’t work anymore. It doesn’t work in any case, even if he clicks on the name of products or its picture, it doesn’t go back to products introduction. It goes to .../catalog/index.php. I have version 2.3.1.


changed status to: In Progress

Did you apply the following commit:


If yes, that commit has a bug and is fixed here:


BTW, this is not a bug in v2.3.1 as the commits above have not yet been released.

Now it works. Great! Thanks.

changed status to: Fixed
changed version to: 2.3.3
changed fixed-in version to: 2.3.3