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e mail Error in Contact Us - V2.2

Posted by RajSingh on 04 September 2011 - 11:22

My clients store are on Oscommerce v2.2 and i am not sure whether its Bug or what ?

When i go to contact us page and try to send mail thru contact us form the Very Fist mail goes fine i get message that Your message has been send successfully to Store owner.

Very Strange

When i try to send another mail the store done allow me to send e mail to store support mail it says invalid e mail id though very first time when i send it went perfectly but second time i am getting issues with the Support mail

Can any one help me with this Urgently please

Many thanks Regards


Hey i have same issue in my contact us form when i try to submit it second time it's give following error

Your E-Mail Address does not appear to be valid - please make any necessary corrections.

can anyone please solve this issue.


On my site you need to wait a few minuits between submiting the contact form (on the same computer). Maybe that is the problem. Also, once I had a similar problem that the email wasn't sent and it was because the email in the backend the email address and the email form needs to say the same email and only one.
Hope that helps, if not than sorry and good luck!