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reordering of product attributes

Posted by ErikMM on 27 November 2010 - 07:40


When inserting product attributes (new option names, values or prices) in admin, the entire order (id) will change, messing up the view in the product options view before adding items to a cart.

Lets say I enter attributes in an order that I want. They're set. Then I decide to insert another attribute. It will mess up the order customers see and all the attributes have to be reordered. A painfully long process in some instances.

Not to get off track, but it would be nice to have control of the id numbers. Also, if someone picks a blank option or option like "choose," there is no warning that the customer picked an incorrect value.

These are not not critical issues, the main issue is the one described at top.

still having issues with 2.3.1 admin w/ adding products...the order gets totally jumbled

doesn't seem alphabetical as some of the drop downs are not alphabetical...the disordering appears random

I even tried to put numbers in front of each option (lame) out of desperation, but the order still gets jumbled, and changed nothing

cut, size, and style appear to be alphabetical, but the drop downs are out of whack

I had to reorder as below to get the option drop downs to appear right (descending order: choose, small, medium, large...)

I stumbled upon the AJAX Attribute Manager...it helps with the issue. Lots different than the stock model.

Updating version to: 2.3.1

I have 2.3.1 and have the same issues. At one point, the attributes would show in the order I entered them. Now the system is back to just jumbling the entries.