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Reviews: Landing page on review submit

Posted by Collines on 13 November 2010 - 11:39


When a customer adds a review, it now needs to be approved by the admin before appearing on the site, which is perfect.

However, once a customer adds a review to the customer side, on submission, they are taken to the reviews page. This could be confusing as there is no message to say that their review has been accepted and is awaiting approval. A simple popup, a message on the review page or a new page stating that the review has been received but is awaiting approval, will make it clearer for the customer that their review has been received.


Updating status to: In Progress

I'll take a look into this shortly

Updating status to: Confirmed
Issue fixed in: 2.3.1

Fix has been committed for this. Thanks for the report.

Updating status to: Fixed
Updating version to: 2.3

The commit is:


Updating severity to: 2 - Fair

Issue fixed in: 2.3.1