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New Jewellery shop on OScommerce

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#1   Bizuteria

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Posted 11 July 2012 - 22:34

Could You tell me if oscommerce is good script for jewellery on-line store?

Magento: www.753.pl
Presta: www.Forum-Bizuteria.pl
QuickCart: www.intercomax.pl

here is comparison of that 3 shops ( Magento, Prestashop and QuickCart) :

seems Prestashop is the winner, correct me if I'm wrong,


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#2   toyicebear

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 00:49

You can use any of the mentioned shopping cart software, they all have their advantages and disadvantages.

osCommerce is more "basic" in its default install than carts like Magento, Presta Shop, Open Cart +++ , which when put in a "comparison" chart with the other carts might make it come out unfavorably.

BUT due to being more basic its also faster, leaner and meaner and in addition you have countless of free add-ons available to give you close to any functionality you want.

To re-cap, osCommerce can be used for mostly any kind of shops but you will have to "adapt" it to your needs by installing suitable add-ons. (All add-ons available on this site are free)

#3   npn2531

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 03:10

Forget Magento, pretty much for the reasons above, for a small store, it's over-whelming and you get no support. Absolutely forget it if you are using it on a shared-host website.

Prestashop is very nice professionally looking site right out of the box. If you are happy with the features and general appearance on the standard download, and it's got quite a few nice features, you'll have your site up and running in a week or two, without knowing any php, html or javascript.

Opencart is nice, but Opencart really a one man operation, not of lot of folks working on it.

I really like OSCommerce, it is indeed lean and mean, but I like it because I have used it so long, and know it pretty well and have a lot of special features installed on my shop. If I were starting over, however, I think I'd lean toward Prestashop. The reason, Prestashop has probably got 95% of what I would need. I have spent way too much time tinkering with my OSCommerce shop and not enough time selling stuff. I would even consider a shops that are not open-source, if they looked awesome and had most of features I like.

OSCommerce just looks way too generic and outdated, and the download lacks a lot of important features. You'll spend a long time getting it to look as decent as Prestashop, and getting that functionality installed. I believe however that if OSCommerce folks would spend some serious time and talent changing the look of 2.3 and installing a few more features however, it would be the best choice.

#4 ONLINE   14steve14

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Posted 12 July 2012 - 08:16

The basic install of oscommerce is very basic. It lacks many features that the others have, and this is what holds many people back from using oscommerce.

The good bit with oscommerce is that there is a very active free suppport forum, where most questions get answered and help is usually available. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of free addons, some good, some bad. This allows you to design your store to look like you want it, and also to work like you want it. The disadvantage with this is that you have to manually spend time adding these addons, which in most cases can be a case of cutting and pasting from the instructions to your site. Sometimes it is a bit harder.

You will have to learn the basics of html and css, but that is not hard, and will always come in handy should you use any of the other carts.

I currently use oscommerce and it works very well, and does what i want it to. I am developing a new store using 2.3.1 and it is just as easy to work with, and apart from the silly 960 grid system, is again working as it should.

At the end of the day, the choice is yours and if you posted the same question on any of the other sites forums you will probably find that they say their system is the best. Wich in fact is no help to you. Upload oscommerce to your server, which can be done with one click if you have cpanel, and try it. See what it does. If you do not want it remove it and upload one of the others.



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