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Shipping zones

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#1   bob815

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Posted 02 May 2011 - 17:20

Can someone please come to my rescue.
This is what I want to do!!
I want to create five zones for shipping to US only. In the first zone (zone 4)I want the states CA,ID,NV,OR,UT in the second zone (zone 5) I would like the states AZ,CO,MT,NM,WA,WY. and so on....
This is what I've done so far
(1) In Zones.php I ve changed the zones constructor that defines $this_num_zones to 5(as per instructions in zone.php )
(2) In the admin/Locations&Taxes/Zones/ All 50 states are listed separately as zones with the Country listed as United States.
(3) In the admin/Locations&Taxes/Tax Zones/ I've created 5 folders named....... 04/05/06/07/08
(4) In the admin/Locations&Taxes/Tax Zones/ folder "04" I've created Zones.....California,Idaho,Nevada,Oregon,UT
(5) In the admin/Shipping Module/Edit/ it shows the default setting showing Zone 1 Countries Heading as "US,CA" and Headings for Zone 1 Shipping Table and Handling fee.It also shows 12 empty boxes for Zones 2 through 5. These boxes have no Headings and they will not save any information in them.

Can someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong or at least point me to a set of instructions that you do not need to be a programer to understand.I've researched this for a day and a half and getting frustrated. I'm just not understanding the process correctly.I'd forever be in debt to you who ever you are. Thanks....Bob