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Auto Login BUG

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#41   dcphosting

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Posted 09 November 2007 - 03:21

Hi all,

I just installed this mod (Oct 24, 2007 snapshot + SEO index fixes) to an existing store. The install was easy. Directions clear.

For the most part AutoLogin seems to be working just great. I am a little confused about some of its behaviour. All trials have been done with Firefox 2.0/XP.

The only time I see the log-out page is when I actually log out. Then closing the tab and re-entering the site requires me to sign-in again. Seems proper I guess. (I had assumed/hoped that logging-out would not affect behavior of the next re-entry.)

If I leave my site without closing the tab and later return, I am automatically logged in on the re-entry page.

If I leave my site by closing the tab and return through a new tab, I am not logged in on the re-entry page.. However, the next page I navigate shows that I am then logged in.

I have not been redirected to any log-in or log-out page. I only gone to those pages when specifically clicking on a link.

So I guess the only issue I have would be the second to last point about not being logged in on the first page visited.

Decent contribution.

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#42   Stephan (VS)

Stephan (VS)
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Posted 25 December 2008 - 18:48

How secure is the latest distribution?

Are there security risks?

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