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Support for Discount Coupons by Burt

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#81   fetish

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Posted 25 May 2009 - 21:28

hello, (and sorry for my english) i have trouble about fix amount in discount code: max amouunt of discount is 999. i need more amount of fix discount. do yu have some idea how can i do that?. plese if you can give me some tip...really needed.


im using ot_discount_coupon_codes_3_33

#82   lenesi

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Posted 20 July 2009 - 14:56

Any tips on getting this to work with Express Checkout? (the one where you click the PayPal express checkout button _instead_ of the Continue button on checkout_payment.php)


Hi Jared,

Did you find a solution to this at all?

I have the coupon box on the same page as the payment details (PP Direct and PP Express) and if the yellow Express button is clicked the customer is taken to PayPal and the coupon discount is not applied.

Thanks anyone for any advice,

#83   mad-watches

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Posted 23 September 2009 - 21:44

I have just installed this and am having problems with it. It works untill the checkout_confirmation.php. I am getting the following error.

1366 - Incorrect decimal value: '' for column 'value' at row 1

insert into orders_total (orders_id, title, text, value, class, sort_order) values ('25', 'Coupon (Sportscar)', '-£1.60', '', 'ot_coupon', '4')


This was working before. Have I put the code in the wrong place?

#84   KJ666

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Posted 04 November 2009 - 00:51

Will this work with points and rewards module ??

#85   KJ666

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Posted 04 November 2009 - 22:09

Well i gave it a bash at placing this but now hit a brick wall
On checkout_shipping.php, when i click next to go to the payment page it dont do anything just stays still.

Website address http://www.kjexotics.co.uk/euro

#86   BertaRecchia

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Posted 04 November 2009 - 23:09

I'm sorry but I'm confused as hell here...

are add ons
and contributions
and "coupon version 5"

all the same contribution?

If they are all the same, the latest version I can download is V1.2. :blush:

Where can I find the latest version? I have a site already up and running that my admin will change.

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#87   Rozza

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Posted 07 December 2009 - 21:12

Hi There,

Installed v1.2 of this contribution and it works like a charm, exactly what I needed - the one tiny fly in the ointment seems to be integrating with the SagePay Form Module (v1.2).
For some reason the discount amount shows as £0.00.

For example, the checkout_confirmation page shows...

Sub-Total: £7.49
Coupon (30PERCENT) -£2.25
Royal Mail 1st Class Standard: £1.62
Total: £6.86

Yet the SagePay payment pages, emails and transactions all show...

Sub-Total: £7.49
Coupon (30PERCENT) £0.00
Royal Mail 1st Class Standard: £1.62
Total: £6.86

I have tried various settings and Order Total Module sort orders - all give the same result.
The bottom line is correct so no-one is being overcharged and I can live with it for now.

SagePay support say that their logs show the Coupon amount being passed to them is £0.00 but I don't know how to fix this.
I suspected the payment module and I have tried the forum for the SagePay module but to no avail - can anyone shed any light on this?

If it helps I am also using the QTPro and UK Royal Mail & Overseas Shipping Methods contributions.

Apologies in advance but I'm a total numpty when it comes to PHP!

#88   Rozza

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Posted 08 December 2009 - 17:16

Just a thought....

I may be barking up completely the wrong tree here but I have noticed that there is no colon (' : ') generated between the Coupon title and the amount (see my post above for examples).
All the other amounts have this and I was led to believe that SagePay use the ' : ' sign as a seperator between each field.

Could be a red herring but how would I insert this in to the code to test it?

#89   JZM

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Posted 15 December 2009 - 06:30

I have a couple of questions,

Does this work with RC2 V 2.2

Does this give discounts for all payment modules?


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#90   Iggy

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Posted 16 December 2009 - 03:56

Hey Burt/Gary,

Just wanted to thank you for the contrib. Works as advertised on PHP5.3/mySQL 5/latest from Github and will save me some hair pulling over the other CCGV contribs at the moment.

Much appreciated!

Everything's funny but nothing's a joke...

#91   SofieVT

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Posted 22 December 2009 - 20:07

Hi Guys,

I have been spending the evening reading through this topic but haven't find the correct answer yet.
It's probably a known one but:

I get the opportunity to create coupon codes just fine.
I can enter them on the checkout.
On the checkout confirmation page it is not deducted however, if I take a step back and go forward again, it deducts itself just fine.

I have adapted into the order-total module:

        $this->output[] = array('title' => TEXT_COUPON . ' (' . $_SESSION['coupon_code'] . ')',
                                'text' =>  '-' . $currencies->format($coupon_discount, true, $order->info['currency'], $order->info['currency_value']),
                                'value' => $coupon_discount);

But this didn't solved my problem.

I installed the latest version available onto the site.

Someone out there who might have a brilliant input on this one?


#92   Balance

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Posted 23 December 2009 - 13:40

I'm running 2.2 RC2a and had some issues: Mainly, the admin side was very messed up. Should tv1.2 work with this setup?

I'm going to take another swing at it tonight, as I was using a code-base that had another couple non-fucntional discount pieces added. I've reverted to clean code now.

Any suggestions?

My issues with the previous attempt were:

Admin side did not display properly. The top banner and part of the side boxes displayed, but only a few. Probably an issue with incorrectly adding code to the customers.php file. When i removed that change, I got these menus, but I noticed the module name did not display correctly in the modules list.

On the user side, I'm assuming I added the code wrong as one of the checkout pages was drawing weirdly, too.

#93   KandyKisses

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Posted 18 April 2010 - 16:35

Hi there, I'm hoping some will be able to help me as I'm sure this hasn't been posted before. I'm running RC2 and have added in this coupon code after install the shop. I had a problem with the boxes in the admin area with the customer.php document but have sorted that now but when I go into customers in the admin area and select Coupons it shows:

1146 - Table 'db318685302.coupons' doesn't exist

select count(*) as total from coupons


Ive double checked everything and can't see anything wrong. I was wondering if anyone else had an idea I could try at all. Would it help if i posted my customer.php page from Admin??

Thanks Alix :)

#94   KandyKisses

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Posted 20 April 2010 - 19:14

is any body there that might have an idea i could try??

#95   TanjaPetro

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Posted 21 May 2010 - 20:51

Hello to everyone!

I am totally new to osCommerce and I'd like to ask a question.

I would like to send my customers a promo code by email and have them enter this code on the order page. Can this add-on enable a customer to enter a promotional code?

Thank you for any help.


#96   rjacobson

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Posted 28 February 2011 - 12:02

This module is working great but I have a customer that wants to give a coupon that enables $5 off plus free shipping. Is there any way to do this with the current code? I didn't see a way and started to modify the discount coupon class but I don't follow the code exactly and aren't sure where the various amounts are being calculated. I also tried modifying the primary key of the db to allow 2 coupons with the same name (so i could set one to fixed and another to shipping but that didnt work so i reverted that).

I do have some php/mysql knowledge so if you can point me in the right direction I think I should be able to code it myself. Any help is appreciated! Thanks!

#97   FunDMental

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Posted 15 July 2011 - 21:56

I'm confused and hoping someone can help
I installed the contribution and I seem to have killed the checkout_payment file,

If I remove the coupon code the page loads just find, but No Matter Where I paste it into the checkout_payment.php I just get a blank page.

Anyone willing to tell me the secret on where I'm supposed to put the code?

Thanks in advance, I'm going slowly nutz here :P

#98   adrianconchie

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Posted 03 March 2012 - 16:04


I have just installed this contribution on my website and it seems to work well, however, as I am in the UK there is a problem with the TAX (VAT amount).

It seems to be working the tax ( UK VAT ) out based on the original amount of the items before the discount was applied. Everything else is fine.


Sub-Total (Inc VAT): £114.03 (Correct)
Voucher - 10% Discount (gdx45t10) -£11.40 (Correct)
Standard Delivery (Inc VAT) 13.079 kg(s)): £7.99 (Correct)
Total (Inc VAT): £110.62 (Correct)
UK VAT 20% (included in price): £20.34 (Wrong - Should be £18.44).

In the UK - we have to show our prices with tax (VAT) included on our stores and if a discount is applied to an order, we have to charge the VAT on the new amount (after discount) - not the original amount. Therefore the VAT amount of £110.62 Including VAT should be £18.44.

Maybe I'm doing something wrong. I can't be the only one with this problem?

I hope someone can help.