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Been watching the inauguration. Have to say that Americans sure do know how to put on a ceremony. Impressive.
Jan 20 2017 18:10
  • GLWalker's Photo
    It is absolutely absurd to suggest that any outside influence has been responsible for changing an outcome while on the outside. The outside must first be invited inside to do any such damage, as the system is not penetrable any other way.
    Jan 28 2017 04:39
  • GLWalker's Photo
    The same ones that point blame on hearsay and alleged rumors are the same that claim Texas has no right to once again be its own republic, yet it is perfectly fine for California to withdraw from the Union because their largest counties do not like the outcome of an election.
    Jan 28 2017 04:40
  • MrPhil's Photo
    Texas does NOT have the right to either split into multiple states, or withdraw from the Union. They gave up those rights as part of being re-admitted to the Union in 1865, after the Civil War. Where except on fake news sites have you heard any SERIOUS talk about California leaving?
    Jan 28 2017 15:16