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Harald Ponce de Leon

frankl sent another care package https://goo.gl/photos/PcBzPH7yCXEYXcfF8 case of Red Bull, coffee beans, cocoa, nuts and raisins, Jack Daniels chocolate, and olive oil :-D #latenightcoding Thanks Frank! <3
Mar 12 2017 00:06
  • mattjt83's Photo
    Maybe I should send you some chocolates from my shop too!
    Mar 12 2017 03:05
  • Harald Ponce de Leon's Photo
    Harald Ponce de Leon
    That would be awesome <3 Will add a page to the website for the team to accept and showcase goodies and care packages :D
    Mar 12 2017 15:31
  • Dan Cole's Photo
    Dan Cole
    You'll need to set up a strong table to hold Gary's beer too. ;)
    Mar 26 2017 21:12