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Chat Rules

5. Online Chat
  • The Online Chat facility serves to foster live support between community members. This can be free support for simple issues and also commercial support for more advanced enquiries.

    For dedicated one-on-one support, please review the services our Corporate Sponsors provide.
  • It is allowed to publicly or privately offer commercial support to enquiries. It is not allowed to publicly or privately advertise services when no enquiries have been made.
  • Community Sponsors and Corporate Sponsors have the privilege of starting private chats with others in the room.
  • Inactive members are automatically departed from the chat room after 6 hours.
  • If you feel inconvenienced in the chat room, please visit the members profile page and use the "Report Member" button to report the member to the team. Members abusing the Online Chat facility will be banned.
  • The Online Chat and Private Chat records are kept on file for 5 days.
Last Updated: 27th August 2011